There are certain citizens of countries can visit Vietnam without an entry visa with different duration as bellowing:
  • 14 days visa exemption: Brunei, Myanmar
  • 15 days visa exemption: Belarus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Norway, Russia, Korea, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom
  • 21 days visa exemption: Philippines
  • 30 days visa exemption: Cambodia, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand
All other citizens required to have a visa stamped before departure to Vietnam or an approved letter of visa on arrive issued by Vietnam Immigration Office. We suggested the citizens who has a visa exemption but the travel duration longer than the time of visa exemption should need a visa stamp or an approved letter of visa on arrive before arrive to Vietnam

How to apply for a visa to Vietnam

There are two way to obtain your visa to Vietnam: To obtain an approved letter of visa on arrive or to obtain visa at country where you are living.
I. Getting visa on arrival
To save the time and the hassle, GP Travel can help you to apply for a visa on arrival receive at Vietnam international airport, it is legal and it is supported by the Vietnamese Immigration Office.

How to do?

You just need to apply online for a visa in 4 easy steps:
  • Step 1: Filling in the secure online form.
    Give the correct information as same as your passport by fill in the application form required

  • Step 2: Confirm and pay.
    We accept to pay us through our Paypal account.

  • Step 3: Receive and print the approval letter
    After you submit your application and payment, we will start processing your visa. After 2 working days, when we get the result we will scan and send you a copy of approval letter by email (please double check if all information on letter are correct). Then you need to print this document out and use it to board on plane (color preferred, but not required). You also need to prepare at least 2 passport photos (4cm x 6cm).

  • Step 4: Get your visa stamp upon arrival at one of three Vietnam international airports
    Upon arrival at Vietnam International airports: Hanoi, Da Nang or Ho Chi Minh city, before passing the Immigration control, you need to go to the visa on arrival desk where you will be asked to fill up a form to get the visa stamp, you can down load this form HERE, present your approval letter, passport (must be valid for the next six months), photos, and stamping fee to the Visa On Arrive Office located at airport. The visa fee should be paid in US Dollars.
II. Getting visa at a country where you are living:

Contact to Vietnam Embassies or Consulates at where you are living or the one closest from where you are living.

The Document needed:
  • Passport with at least 6 month validity start from the date enter to Vietnam
  • Visa application form (this form are vary from Embassy to Embassy),
  • Photo 2 pieces 4cm x 6 cm
  • Address and may be some others required (this required are different from Embassy to Embassy)
The Visa Application Form are available at The Embassy or Consulate. It take around 4 to 10 days to get your visa made. The fees are vary from Embassy to Embassy.

  1. Visa on Arrival:
    * Services fees: please check the fees by click on the table above
    * Stamping fees: The Stamping fees you will be required to pay directly at airport
    - Single entry    : 1 month or 3 month: $25 per person
    - Multiple entry : 1 month or 3 month: $50 per person

  2. Visa extension:
    In case you wish to extend your visa, you can contact to our office for further assistance

Number of Applicants
Type of Visa Single Entry Multiple Entry
Length of Stay 1 Month 3 Months
Date of Arrival
Processing Time
Normal (4 days) Urgent (2 days) Very Urgent (1 day)
Total Visa Fee