Fees for professional tour guide

Please find a grid with the average fees for tour guides (the tour guide being the person leading a group of tourists during visits). Please contact us if you need a tour guide.

LanguagePrice for one day (USD)Price for ½ day (USD)

The price grid above is valid for classic itineraries. These rates vary according to the characteristics of your route (e.g. if it includes an easy or a difficult hiking, traveling by bike or motorbike, etc.). Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Our tour guides are real friends and were all hired because they are naturally communicative and possess a high degree of empathy: they understand the needs of each traveler. As a result, they always give their best effort to make your travel a magical moment, whether it’s on a tourism aspect or on a human level. Thanks to them, you will fall in love with our country!

Our friendly tour guides all meet the following requirements:

  • Local Expertise: all our tour guides, whether they speak English or French, possess deep knowledge of the tourist sites and regions that we offer our clients to visit. This knowledge encompasses the historical and cultural aspects linked to the different regions and people, the familiarity with the geography of each region and the good understanding of the local traditions and customs. Thus, our guides will be able to satisfy you by sharing their knowledge. They have lots of stories to tell you!
  • Academic and Professional Background: our guides have strong academic background (Tourism Schools, Foreign Languages, Social Sciences…). They are all officially authorized to be tourist guides, since they hold a professional license issued by the Vietnamese Tourism Administration.
  • Professional Proficiency in Foreign Languages: our tour guides have a good command of English and/or French. Thus, they are able to easily communicate with you to identify and understand your needs while also sharing their knowledge with you.
  • Interpersonal Skills: our tour guides are all charming, friendly, and honest. They are naturally communicative, energetic, and they all have a positive attitude. Finally, they are courteous and polite and they will always try to satisfy your needs. Much more than mere guides, they will certainly become your friends!