Local, Passionate Experts

We are a local travel agency with more than 10 years of experience. We have acquired a deep knowledge on the field and our expertise is widely recognized by our peers in the tourism industry in Vietnam.

We take great pride in our thoughtful approach and proceed with care in order to satisfy the needs of our customers. Hence, we can suggest the best itineraries in accordance to the wishes of our clients. Thus, we hope to gain the trust of our customers by providing them with unforgettable journeys. 

Top-notch Service

GP Travel is a family-run travel agency. We offer personalized tours, and we operate in an honest and friendly manner with our clients and partners. We make sure to provide quality customer service, with the intent of being as responsive as possible whether it is during the booking process or during the course of the trip. These ingredients are the key to establish a trustworthy relationship with our clients.
Quality of our offer

Our tours are tailor-made with products that not only include classic itineraries, but also off-the-beaten-tracks programs as well as exclusive and authentic trips. We often organize field trips to constantly monitor the quality of the products that we offer to our customers.

Value for Money

The tourism industry in Vietnam is highly competitive. As a small, family-run agency, GP Travel proceeds with bringing the best value possible to our client. As a result, our travel solutions are ideally designed in response to the requests of our clients.   

“Our customers express specific ideas about the travel of their dreams. We are here to help make these dreams come true. We organize visits to major landmarks that are highly requested by the vast majority of travelers, but we also build customized itineraries based on the taste and interests of each customer.    

Our success primarily relies on the satisfaction of our clients. That is why we put the stress on continuously improving the range and quality of our products and service. This is done by communicating with our customers at the end of their trip, when we take the time to listen to their remarks and take their opinions into account.  

We place human relations at the core of our work and do not limit our relationships at a mercantile level. Our approach is sincere, and we honestly operate according to this philosophy. That is why every one of our customer becomes more or less a friend of our agency and an avid fan of our country”.

Mr. Le Xuan Thuy, owner and director at GP Travel.