GP Travel is a private-owned travel agency established in 2005. We own the International Travel Agent License No.01-197/2014, delivered by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism. Our head office is located in the heart of Hanoi’s Old Quarter.

Through the years, we have gained a deep expertise, a vast knowledge and developed an extensive network. We constantly monitor the quality of our offer and the evolution of the destinations we propose, in terms of infrastructure, hospitality, transportation, etc. We often go on missions to find new places to visit, in order to create the most authentic and original tours.

Unlike many operators, we have the strong desire to offer our guests the opportunity to live a real Vietnamese experience. Thus, you will return from your travel not only with beautiful photos but also with a good knowledge of Vietnam and lasting memories that you will be happy to share.

Moreover, in recent years, we have organized educational trips in Vietnam for several American and Australian schools. The participating students had the opportunity to live with a family in rural areas, where they could mingle with local people, work together, and share unique moments.

We also organize humanitarian trips for NGOs, charitable organizations, and anyone wishing to invest their time in activities geared towards helping local communities. This program permits you to work hand in hand with local people while making a positive impact. 

By contacting GP Travel, you will be able to create your own trip and receive advice from people who truly have the knowledge of the destinations you intend to visit.

GP Travel provides the following services:

  • Customized tours in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos
  • Group tours
  • Visa on arrival and visa extensions
  • Free travel consultation
  • Tour guide
  • Hotel booking
  • Car rental
  • Flight and train ticket booking

Our Philosophy

Our customers have specific travel desires; we act to make them come true. Each guest builds their own trip based on their budget and preferences, and GP Travel is there to make it happen. We offer fixed tours to popular tourist sites and personalized tours to meet the needs and desires of each customer (depending on the season, the landscapes, the operating days of local markets in mountainous regions, off-the-beaten-tracks itineraries, ethnic minorities, homestay or hotel accommodation, private driver and tourist guide, etc.).

Our success and growth relies on the satisfaction of our customers. We strive to improve the quality of our service by taking into account the remarks and observations of our clients. As a result, we contact them as soon as they return home for feedback on their travel and have a better understanding of their opinions and impressions. With this information, we go on scouting missions and regularly renew our knowledge of the field, in order to build the best new tours possible.

Moreover, we do not wish to establish purely mercantile relations: we place human values at the core of our business. Hence, every customer becomes more or less a friend of our agency and a lover of our country. Besides, we also provide our guests with a non-lucrative service which consists in the visit of Hanoi with a local Vietnamese student.

Finally, being aware of the negative impact that tourism can have on nature and local populations, we always act responsibly. Thus, we operate by showing tolerance towards every culture and local traditions while also being respectful of the environment.