LADT01: The Mystical Plain of Jars – 3 days

During this 3-day trip, you will discover the Plain of Jars, a mysterious place perched on a high altitude plain and where hundreds of jars are scattered. This visit will bring a mystical touch to your trip and will give you the chance to live a unique experience.

LADT02: Southern Stay & the Enchanting 4,000 Islands – 6 days

This 6-day trip is an escape to the exotic Southern Laos. Home to the Mekong River, it is also a region where you will discover the illustrious 4,000 Islands, with its magnificent waterfalls and its appeasing atmosphere. You will learn about the pre-Angkorian culture before exploring the Bolaven Plateau, blessed with amazing landscapes where coffee and tea plantations are widespread.

LADT03: Luang Prabang & the Northern Mountains – 7 days

This 7-day tour will take you to the crossroads of migration routes taken by the Indochinese mountaineers. You will meet a mosaic of ethnic groups with strong traditions that are still very much alive in the middle of an untouched nature of wild beauty.

LADT04: Laos Adventure – 14 days

You want to visit every corner of this beautiful country while enjoying very comfortable and elegant accommodations? Thanks to this 14-day adventure concocted by GP Travel, it becomes a reality! This tour is highly recommended for those who want to see the “real Laos” in coziness.

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