Article 1: General Terms

All the terms and conditions set forth hereafter intend to define the contractual relationship between the seller – GP Travel – and the buyer – the Client (individual or legal entity) – for all the service agreements concluded between them. These terms and conditions are also applicable to online transactions. The confirmation of purchase of services from GP Travel by the Client implies that the Client has read, understood and, voluntarily agreed to terms and conditions detailed in this section.  

Article 2: Services

Based on the specific requirements of the Client, GP Travel commits to providing the Client with all the services explicitly listed in the tour program agreed by the Client.

If the Client request it, GP Travel can prepare a letter of invitation to arrange a visa on arrival. However, GP Travel cannot be held responsible in case local authorities reject the visa request for any reason.

Article 3: Prices and Validity of Prices 

Given prices are only valid for a precise time period, specified by GP Travel in quotations invoices or any other document distributed to the Client. 
These prices can be subjected to adjustments only in the event of exceptional cases of force majeure, such as: a raise in the Value Added Tax (VAT), a major increase of transportation fees, the rise of the exchange rate of a given foreign currency against the local currency, etc. … rendering impossible for GP Travel to keep the initial prices quoted to the Client. If it is indeed the case, a modified and readjusted quotation would be sent by GP Travel to the Client, who can either accept or refuse it. If the Client refuses the readjusted quotation, GP Travel retains the right to cancel the offered services and refund the deposit paid by the Client, after deduction of bank fees (if any). 
Article 4: Orders and Payment of Deposits

If the Client wants to book a tour provided by GP Travel, the Client must send a confirmation agreement to the staff handling the Client’s program and state the chosen travel program that was proposed by GP Travel. The Client will then be asked to fill out a booking form and send it back to GP Travel. 

As soon as the booking form is sent, the Client will have to pay a deposit of 20% of the total amount to be paid. When the booking process is completed, the final and official travel program will be sent to the Client.  

GP Travel retains the right to recommend alternative solutions to equivalent services in the case that some services stated in the quotation are unavailable (hotel, flight, train, etc.).

Unless prior agreement is obtained from GP Travel, failure to pay the deposit within 10 days following the reception of the travel program can lead up to GP Travel implicitly. Considering the unilateral cancelling of the order by the Client and, as such, GP Travel has the right to cancel all booked services. In this case, the provisions detailed in the Article 6.2.a would apply.   

Article 5: Payment

5.1. Deposit and Balance payment 

Deposit is to be paid promptly by the Client after the booking is confirmed. 

Balance must be fully paid before tour departure, unless a special agreement has been made. Otherwise, GP Travel has the right to terminate the contract without the Client having the right to claim a reimbursement of the deposit or any kind of compensation.  
If the client fails to pay under the conditions stated above, GP Travel would implicitly consider that the Client unilaterally cancel the contract, and the provisions detailed in the Article 6.2.a would be applied.

For services booked within one week, prior departure date, payment of the full amount is required. 

5.2. Payment methods

5.2.a. Bank transfer

All fees (if any) charged by the Client’s bank and GP Travel’s bank are to be paid by the Client. The bank details of GP Travel’s account will be sent to the Client at the conclusion of the sales contract between both parties.

5.2.b. Collection of payment

If the Client elects to pay by using the collection of payment method, GP Travel will send a form of payment to the Client. The form needs to be filled completely and duly signed. A copy/scan of the form, along a copy/scan of both sides of the Client’s credit card, must be sent to GP Travel. By using this method, a bank fee of 3% is added to the total amount to be paid.
5.2.c. Credit card

The Client has the possibility to pay by credit card (Visa or MasterCard) through an electronic payment terminal installed at GP Travel’s offices in Hanoi. By using this method, a bank fee of 3% is added to the total payment.

5.2.d. Cash

The Client can pay in cash, at GP Travel’s offices in Hanoi. GP Travel accepts payments in Euros (EUR), American Dollars (USD) and Vietnamese Dongs (VND). The applicable exchange rate will be the official rate published on the website at the date of payment. Cash payments are not subjected to any fee. 

Article 6: Modification or Cancelation of orders

6.1. Modification

6.1.a. Modification requested by Client

The Client can request to modify the confirmed order at any time, provided the payment to GP Travel of any fees arising from such modification. GP Travel commits to respond to the Client’s requirements with the utmost diligence, on the condition of availability of the required services. 

The postponement of the departure date is also considered as a modification. 

In the case of a reduction in the number of tour participants, GP Travel will proceed to recalculate the price for the remaining participants and the price per participant shall increase. For each individual cancelling its trip, arrangements are as follows:

  • Cancellation at least 30 days prior to tour departure date: the deposit shall be refunded after deduction of bank fees.  
  • Cancellation between 29 to 10 days prior to tour departure: 10% of the total price shall be forfeited.
  • Cancellation between 9 to 3 days prior to tour departure: 15% of the total price shall be forfeited.
  • Cancellation 2 days prior to tour departure: the total amount shall be forfeited.

6.1.b. Modification requested by GP Travel

GP Travel retains the right to modify the services stated in the final tour program in the following cases: 

  • The modification is a consequence of a Force Majeure event. In this case, the modification will be accompanied by an additional fee to be paid by the Client or a discount to be borne by GP Travel.
  • The modification is necessary to ensure the safety of the Client and/or the quality of the tour. In this case, any extra cost is at the charge of GP Travel.

6.2. Cancelation
6.2.a. Cancelation by clients

If, under any reason, the Client decides to cancel the entirety of its order, the applicable cancelation fees are as follows:

  • 10% of the total amount if notice of cancelation is sent to GP Travel 30 days or more prior to tour departure date.
  • 15% of the total trip amount if notice of cancelation is sent to GP Travel between 16 to 29 days prior to tour departure date.
  • 20% of the total trip amount if notice of cancellation is sent to GP Travel between 3 to 15 days prior to tour departure date.
  • 100% of the total amount if notice of cancellation is sent to GP Travel 2 days or fewer prior tour departure date.

In the case that the Client wants to postpone the departure date, the original program will be regarded as cancelled. The Client would then have to pay 20% of the total price of the original trip, regardless of the timing of the notice of cancellation. 
If cancelation is made prior to the payment of the deposit, GP Travel would prepare an invoice and send it to the Client. The Client has an obligation to pay indemnities as stated in the above conditions.

If cancelation is made after the payment of the deposit, GP Travel would have the right to deduct the indemnities from the deposit paid by the Client. GP Travel would then refund the remaining amount to the Client, if any, by bank transfer; bank fees being at the charge of the Client in their totality. 

6.2.b. Cancelation by GP Travel

GP Travel has the right to cancel a trip, in its entirety or only in part, if the case of a Force Majeure event. Force Majeure events are occurrences that are deemed to be unpredictable, unavoidable, and irresistible; making the trip impossible or endangering the Client if it does happen. Such occurrences include, but are not limited to: wars, riots, strikes, natural or nuclear disasters, fires, acts of terrorism, extreme weather conditions, epidemics, quarantine or any similar event.  
In this case, GP Travel will attempt to refund the Client after deducting additional costs that may arise due to the new situation (if any) such as: fees for hotel cancelations, bank fees, airline companies, or any other service provider. In such case, the Client would not be able to claim any other indemnity.  

Article 7: Obligation of the Client / Insurance 

Before tour departure, the Client has the obligation to ensure that the following requirements are met:

  • Passport (must have valid at least 6 months from the date of the end of the tour, at least 2 blank pages, children, etc.)
  • Good health conditions, vaccination(s), preventive treatments.
  • Visa (if needed)
If requested, GP Travel can help the Client in obtaining a visa on arrival by asking for a letter of invitation delivered by local authorities. 

Any client on a tour organized by GP Travel should subscribe to an international travel insurance covering at least medical expenses and repatriation. Such insurance is usually offered by airline agencies when the Client purchases an international flight ticket. The insurance company’s contact details and the subscribed insurance policy number must be provided by the Client to GP Travel before traveling.

During the tour, the Client agrees to abide by the rules and regulations explained by the tour guide or by the GP Travel consultant. These are rules to ensure the safety of the Client and quality of the travel program.

GP Travel commits to support and assist the Client in the event of an incident covered by the Client’s insurance; most notably by helping the Client in completing administrative formalities required by local authorities and insurance company. 

Article 8: Limitation and Exclusion of Liability 

GP Travel commits to provide clients with all the services stated in the tour program agreed by both parties.

The Client is fully liable for all its actions. The Client is solely responsible for all undertaken activities that are not part of the tour program or violate the law of the visited country; in such case, GP Travel is exempted of any liability. Any cancellation of the program that is due to the Client’s trouble with the law shall deprive the Client of any right to claim a reimbursement from GP Travel.

GP Travel is responsible towards the Client as a mediator between said Client and all other service providers (airlines, hotels, transportation providers, restaurants, ships, etc.) and as such must ensure a certain quality of service. However, GP Travel is not to be equated with the service providers who, in all cases, retain their own responsibility.
GP Travel cannot be held liable either for delays and impediments caused by air, water, and land transportation or for changes to the tour program without prior consent by GP Travel. In that case, GP Travel will do everything possible to find an alternative solution providing a similar value.
GP Travel cannot be held responsible for events related to Force Majeure, damages inflicted by the Client, expenses related to accidents, natural disasters, or problems related to politics. The Client must be covered by an individual travel insurance policy.  

Article 9: Unused Service

GP Travel will not pay a refund if services stated in the travel program are not used by the Client. However, if the travel program is interrupted due to a health problem suffered by the Client, GP Travel would try its best to get partial of full reimbursements from the different service providers, for the unused services. 

Article 10: Complaints and Dispute Settlement 

Any complaint related to the implementation of one of the services stated in the program must be notified to GP Travel in a written form within 20 days from the date of the conclusion of the tour.

However, most complaints can be resolved quickly if GP Travel is notified promptly. Any dispute arising between GP Travel and the Client must preferably be settled by way of amicable negotiation. 

If GP Travel elects to partially compensate the Client, the amount of the compensation cannot be, under any circumstance, greater than the overall price of the program excluding airfare stated in the invoice that was issued by GP Travel. This case applies only if the entire course of the travel went wrong and the Client has not taken any satisfaction out of the trip.  
Otherwise, GP Travel reserves the right to pay a compensation or not to pay anything, at its own discretion.
If no amicable settlement is reached between the Client and GP Travel within 30 days, the dispute shall be submitted to the Vietnam International Arbitration Centre (VIAC) and shall be settled in accordance with its rules of arbitration. The place of arbitration is in Hanoi and the language of arbitration is English.